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"The great enemy of communication…is the illusion of it.” William H. Whyte

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The Value of Face Time

That title does not refere to the Apple video chat app. In fact it is intended to capture the opposite. An article here, in Nautilus, details research into the ways our diverging viewpoints are formed by how and who we communicate with, and ways in which we can bridge the widening gap. The research suggests that even brief conversations with people with different viewpoints and backgrounds might help broaden our worldview. For best effect though, those brief interactions have to be face-to-face IRL ("In Real Life"). In the workplace, it is very easy to become isolated from our colleagues. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your teams, and fully leverage the value of your diverse workplace, you have to create opportunities for people to interact with each other on a regular basis. We can help, ask us how.

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