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Preschool Education

Title Author Hits
Teaching Children to Fail: How Early Education Is Failing Black Youth (Abstract) Tunette M. Powell and Ryan Syrek, Hits: 253
Individuation training with other-race faces reduces preschoolers' implicit racial bias: a link between perceptual and social representation of faces in children (Abstract) Wen S. Xiao, Genyue Fu, Paul C. Quinn, Jinliang Qin, James W. Tanaka, Olivier Pascalis, Kang Lee Hits: 226
Preschoolers Reduce Inequality While Favoring Individuals With More (Abstract) Vivian Li, Brian Spitzer, and Kristina R. Olson Hits: 227
Measuring Implicit Attitudes of 4-year-olds: The Preschool Implicit Association Test (Abstract) Dario Cvencek, Anthony G. Greenwald, and Andrew N. Meltzoff Hits: 201
Implicit Racial Biases in Preschool Children and Adults From Asia and Africa (Abstract) Miao K. Qian, Gail D. Heyman, Paul C. Quinn, Francoise A. Messi, Genyne Fu, and Kang Lee Hits: 278
Reducing Preschoolers’ Implicit Racial Bias (Abstract) Wen S. Xiao, Genyue Fu, Paul C. Quinn, Jinliang Qin, James W. Tanaka, Olivier Pascalis and Kang Lee Hits: 279
Preschoolers, Classroom Discipline and Socialization (Abstract) Kayoun Chung Hits: 273
Teachers’ Perceptions of Childcare and Preschool Expulsion (Abstract) Karin A. Martin, Emily Bosk and Denise Bailey Hits: 419


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